Before  I start let me say Get your mind out of the gutter LOL. When it comes to a passion that moves me that would be music. I can listen to music and just become a cloud and float away on and array of emotions. Depending on the artist and the lyrics it is the beat that really catches my attention even before he or she opens their mouth. The musically term today is “issa bop” or “issa slap” before it even gets that far it the drums and guitars that move me once I am moved I look for the melody and then the voice to carry it too and end. 

Music to me is very personal and felt deep in my soul. When I love a song I will remember the words, lyrics, beat and melody forever. For example Karyn White Super Woman from 1988 is still my go to jam when I am not feeling a situation with my spouse. Back then it was sung for guys that I wanted to break up with or one time when I was 16-17 and my first love asked me to wait on him and I waited 2 years for him come back from New Orleans and when he I saw him at a bus stop and he face fell  because he saw me with a guy friend laughing and holding hands going to the mall.  I will forever see his face and feel those emotions that I somehow to tied to this song.   Granted I was only 13 when this song came out, but when I heard this song it stirs something in me to this day. Funny story I thought of majoring in music in college, but I chose the debate team and a business degree.

I bop my head to Nelly just like I can to Patti LaBelle and the Blue Bells from 1970’s. If it moves me to dance and smile then I don’t care who is singing. I am that type of girl that puts on her head phones I become the music and I feel so good. Music moves my soul in ways no man ever can.



Life Has To Go On

When you lose someone very important to you like your mother it is phrases like this that you grow to hate the most.  There are few others that once my mother died people would say to appease their own discomfort. Trust me I would never wish the loss of a parent or child on anyone. While we have to continue to move and live can we (or I ) do without someone telling me things to appease their guilt.

Someone once told me when I found out my grandmother died (she helped raise me) he told me “people die.” Who the f*ck says that? Then instead of comforting me he goes into talking about the loss of his grandmother while he was in the military.  As if that is going to help me. While I can forgive this I can never forget it. How would this make you feel?

I am the baby of my family and I can remember the day my mother died. I remember she woke up by accident going to the bathroom. I got up to check on her after 10 minutes past and she said she was fine. I dozed off and an hour flew by and she was not out of the bathroom and I opened the door and there she was slumped over the tub. She was making heavy breathing noises so I thought she was just having a hard time getting up. I could not move her and I kept telling her to hold on and I was praying earnestly and fervently for her to be O.K.  I called my only family my big brother (aka Batman) to come help me move her. Since she was on hospice and had a DNR I could not call 911 for help.

Do you know how hard it is for a child to make death notifications to other family members? Never, in my life would I think I would have to make that call, deliver a eulogy, do her make up and put on her jewelry. Most of all I never thought I would have to say good bye to my mother. She raised me to love God, to read, to love music, treat people the way I want to be treated and that education is important.

My mom worked 2 full time jobs and went to college full time to provide for my brother and I. I saw her get mistreated by my grandfather, his friends, her baby sister and life in general. I never knew we were poor because we had food, clothes, and a nice house. I participated in pageants, took piano  and swim lessons as well gymnastics. I have a lived a good life and that is all thanks to my mother.




When you look at yourself in the mirror are YOU really looking at you or is your mind showing you what it thinks you should see? Have you ever gotten clarity from looking into the mirror? I have, but then I have gained clarity when I zone out just sitting in my office. It is when I revert back to looking inside myself and find out why I have certain thoughts or feel a certain way.

While  clarity is something we should all seek to have in our lives — sometimes it is just a pure pain in the ass. I say that because once you have experienced this keen insight you have to act on it and if you do not act then it seems as if your life falls apart.  I find myself asking God where do I go LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER and for the past 3 years more or less I have been waiting on His answer. Then it dawned on me that sometimes God says “hold on, I have something great in store for you” its that waiting is the part that is hard for me and most people.

 When you are some place where you can’t grow, can’t relate or just plain ole hate having to wait on your blessing seems like something you should never ask your enemy to do, but you do it because you walk by faith and not by sight. You call blessings and miracles already done.

Most people do not know or do not believe that devil and his minions attack your mind because whatever enters your mind your body has to respond. The same goes with friendship and intimate relationships. So let me say this HEY FELLAS if you romance a woman’s mind guess what her heart, soul and body will eventually follow. My question is what do you do when you tell your dude this and they flat out ignore it? It would be different if they did not know what to do or what that means, but I do not think this is the issue here. 

Suggestions or ideas please leave me a note



Time Schedule

I have started to keep a timed schedule so that I can write for 15 minutes or more a day. I will tell you up front that I am not a person that is good with words or one to get really deep into my personal business, but I have read somewhere that your change your fear into control if you make a “DO IT” list instead of  a “Honey Do” or “Need To Do” list. When you make this kind of list with a time schedule. For me I have set aside daily at 1:30 pm to log on and write something about my life and how I am feeling.

Today, I am a bit late it doing this because I was doing my nails. I am not the kind of girl that just files, buffs and paints her nails. No ma’am I do my own acrylics. Therefore, I have to put on the nail tips, clip to the appropriate length, file and buff. After, all that I have to get my acetone polish remover, acrylic liquid, nail brush to apply all liquids. Then I have to apply acrylic liquid and acrylic nail powder on the tip. From this point it is crazy to just keep typing the same thing over and over  –I won’t do that.

Well, all that I have left to do is file, buff and paint once I get back from picking up my kids from school.  I will say that I know why you see nail techs wearing face masks lol this stuff stinks to high heaven for sure. The smell takes over the whole house. Thank goodness it does not last long.

Today, is fairly decent, however, I am having that kind of day where I hate my body and all I see is F.A.T and that fat girl from high school and college is resurfacing and I don’t know how to get rid of her. I want that slender, sexy woman that weighed 149lbs back. Uggg such is my life right now.

God is good..

      All the time God good

What Am I Doing?

I wake up everyday and I thank God for this pleasure, yet I dread getting out bed. I think to myself I have 3 great kids that need me to do what mothers do for their kids. I have a spouse that I care for and love yet I am dead inside.

Last, Sunday pastor talked about “Get Up” and taking off your grave clothes. I realize that I have big dreams and I am NO WHERE near seeing those dreams come to life. I really want to get a Forensic Psychology degree, but I do not have the money to pay for it and my FASFA is drained. So I live my dreams through Candice DeLong on Deadly Women and other shows like that.

Today I am listening to the audio book by Mel Robbins called “Take Control of Your Life” she has a workbook that accompanies the book she wrote. A lot of what she is saying hit home on many levels. I don’t want to be 70 years old knowing that I never lived out my dreams. How is this going to look when I’m pushing my kids to be the very best they can be when I am slacking?  I grew up watching my mother live her best life, but she never really achieved her dreams of being a social worker. In all honesty she lived her dream very briefly before she became disabled. Unlike my aunt that has retired as a social worker. I have lived my whole life hearing my mother tell me “I want you to have more than I ever had in this life.” And now I find myself saying that to my kids. I want to be a great example for my kids to show them that no matter what anyone tells you you can do any and all things you set your mind too.

In this book “Take Control of Your Life” she talks about fear and what is stopping you from achieving what you want. I thought to myself well: 1. I hate this town and him for moving us here without discussing it with me 2. I hate that that there is no employment here 3. I have 1 friend here in all the years we have been here. 4. He came to be close to family yet they only call him if they need something from him. Then she made me think of something that I have been doing something since I was a child which is to cry in front of others. My grandfather has ingrained in me that I can not show weakness. Therefore, I have lost 2 uncles, both grandparents and my mother and I could not cry at their funerals I break down in the shower or when I am home alone. When I get frustrated about things, or get lost when I am the devils den of Alexandria I have to find a place where no one is and cry, scream and pray.

I am scared of that my kids will see me as a failure. I am scared that my family in heaven will see me as a failure and I am deathly afraid of being a failure as a woman, mother, sister, person, etc. I am afraid that I won’t be able to change this world for the better and that my carbon footprint will be nonexistent.

I am on chapter of 3 of this book and working through the workbook. So I will have to see how it helps me Take Control of My Life.


Stay tuned

Suffocating, Grief….Will I ever get to the next stage?

For the pass two days I have been listening to music now this is nothing new for me. Music helps me process my feelings and get me to the next phase of life, However, July is coming and that is my mom’s birth month and every song from Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition to Fire and Desire by Rick James has me in tears because I can only think of my momma. On her birthday I would call say I love you and she would have  a gift in the mail, but now my new normal is looking at her picture and crying. I spend time talking to her urn, her picture and to God because I can’t seem to move pass the loss I am feeling. No one, not even my spouse can understand my connection to my mother because he comes from a 2 parent home and none of them are especially close unlike growing up where all you had to look too, learn from, love is your mother that bond is strong and unbreakable even in death.

I ordered 3 books off of Amazon and I started to read “Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died”  by Ty Alexander and I swear she is the only author that gets what I am going through and went through everything I did losing my mom to cancer, to speaking at her funeral, to my mother being cremated.  Both of mother’s had a DNR and I hated that she had that in place and I still have a full on hatred for the saying “Time heals” and “Are you ok?” If can not say anything heartfelt then just smile and keep it moving. 

You know at times I find myself longing for my mother’s salmon patties just like I crave my grandmother’s tea cakes neither of which I will never eat again. Funny, how you miss the tiny things your loved one do or say when you can no longer hear it or see them doing it. I only got to spend the last 4 days with my mother before she went to the Upper Room.  As I listen to my mother’s favorite artist Tina Turner, I will never get hear her rave about her love for this great singer.

When my family went on a cruise to Mexico I felt guilty because I wanted to take my mother on a cruise before I left this earth.  I never expected Wonder Woman to die… I am stuck on the guilt phase because I wanted to do so much for her and to show her things she wanted to see. As Tina says “What’s Love But A Second Hand Emotion… Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” I like Ty Alexander have had vivid dreams of my mother and I talking, eating catfish, traveling only to wake up drenched in tears. I hate that I am weepy ass baby because this has never been my thing. Once I cry that first and last time I over it and I move on, but since it is my mother I can’t let go. I have prayed to help to move on, but so far I am still here and feeling my feelings too damm deeply for my taste. Crying hard with snot and crap is not in my emotional scale.

Well, momma I hope you are jamming some Proud Mary and you, grams, gramps and Uncles Sunny and Walter are dancing your hearts out at that feet of Jesus.


Being Black an the Police

I am at the end of my rope with the police who say “we are detaining him because he LOOKS like a suspect” I watched this video with tears in my eyes and anger in my heart because too many of my young Black and Brown males are dying by the hands of the police. Too many of these cops are walking away with murder, still employed and their heads held high. Too few of these cops are being held accountable for their evil deeds.

I dare you to watch this video and listen to the impassioned pleas of this young woman recording this video. I honestly think these women with these big guns would have shot this man if there was no one watching them. None of these cops no matter what city it is being done in are even worried about the consequences of their actions. The down hill trend started with Trayvon Martin when he claimed Stand Your Ground in Florida when this murderer was told to STOP FOLLOWING this teen. He did not listen and another Black family has to live without their son. How is this fair when this murderer is free to walk around  Florida and still pull guns on people?

How many of my Black, Brown, LGBTQ brothers an sisters have to die by the hands rouge cops? How many of us have to die by the hands of racists? How many I ask you?

I implore you to watch this video an think of ways you can make a difference in your community and the world. It is time to change an to make global impact on each other and the world. The time is NOW!

YouTube Feuds


I am all for people making their money. Get your paper honey, but when your a child and you are making videos cursing and threatening to kick some other YouTubers ass and that ends up taking an innocent bystanders lie you have crossed the line. This does not make your and OG it makes you a murderer. If you get online looking fool with shit color green hair talking about that is what he gets that reflects on you and your home training.

If you don’t have no morals then sit your ass down. Stop disrespecting this young man’s family and his unborn child. God is granting you a moment to get your life together and you and fucking it up right now! As a minority getting killed on the daily by cops and others and for you us to do it over a damm internet feud are you kidding me?

I am not going to lie I have my favorite YouTube channels that I like to watch such as Patrick Starrr and Got Damn Zo are two that I really like to watch. However, when you start talking about people like Eisha or Nyema I don’t know them nor watch them, but they are on Messy Monday often. What happened to fighting it out between you 2 not your bunch of hoodrats? Once you fought it was squashed and you move on. Instead you got kids talking about if I can’t put them in the ground…. What kind of shit is that? Think about this bonehead what if it was you that got capped? Would you feel the same way? What if it was a member of your family? Think dummy before your speak. Your consequences have reactions and trust me when God is ready to deal with you and all that dirt your doing I hope you are smart enough to confess your sin and give your life to Christ.

Kenny, had his whole life ahead of him. He was only 18 years old when his life was stolen because this stupid internet feud that he had nothing to do with. He was expecting his first child now he is his child angel watching from Heaven. The mother of his child has to go through this experience without Kenny. Kenny’s mother won’t get another birthday or holiday with her son. She won’t get another hug or kiss from her baby boy and when she wants to talk to him she has to go to a graveyard and talk to a tombstone.

Y’all punk ass kids do nothing on YouTube but run your mouth and cause trouble and give hell to others that do not deserve. Get ya life! Get a high school diploma and college degree! Do better! If this does not give you some perspective NOTHING will! You are not grown you think you are, but you are just babies and if you had to go to prison each of you would scared as shit!


Justice For All

They say that justice is for everyone no matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation..We all know that is a bunch of bull shit. If you are Black, Brown, undocumented, LGBTQ then your chances at getting a fair and impartial trial are slim to none.

When the top of the food chain is saying rape victims have no rights, but the rapist has parental rights something is wrong with his/their train of thought. If you can jail a child and rip them from their parents at the border something is wrong with you. If you think that it is just dandy to keep critical medication from those in your border jails then there is not humaness in you.

If you are standing by your man as he is ripping the rights of women and children away from us then you are just as evil and culpable as he is. You are no better than the rapist, the murderer, the man you married. When you yourself is not an American by birth, but by marriage you should think about having your rights ripped away from you. You have your husband’s ear and you are not doing anything, but stealing Forever First Lady’s speeches and staying silent on issues that matter makes you even more evil than your toupee wearing mate.

What kind of example are your setting for your son? It is ok to be a “grab’em by the pussy” type of man like your husband.  It is sad when you mute your thoughts just stay in the pocket of a man. Granted you got with a man that was already married to Marla Maples, so I guess this country of women shouldn’t expect anything from you. Being bought and paid for as a “kept woman” must be nice.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket because when you have racist, women hating, none caring being in places where they should not be there is no justice, fairness, equality for anyone. When you are only out for yourself and lying to the country no wonder others look down on this country.  When you want to be like Putin and other dictators you are killing the American spirit.  We as a country come to far for you to drag us back into the days of White men rule.  Just because you have 2 tokens in your administration does not mean anything. One over HUD that is not qualified to do this job and who knows what that lady does.

You are a disgrace to this nation, the women of this country, the children of this country, anyone that is different from you. I leave your ignorance, stupidity and your sexist attitude in God’s hands because He is the only one that handle you and put you in your place.  It is time as a nation to stand up and stand for this nation and make your wrongs right so that you can be shown your wrongs and put you in your place.

Justice for all with you in the White House is a joke that is not funny because its missing the punch line. You want to compare yourself with President Obama, but you don’t compare at all on ANY level. You first need a heart and soul and you have neither.

Today is my birthday and I can’t stop crying

My birthday has always been the best time of my life. My mom would call and sing me Happy Birthday (she can’t sing, but its cute) and we would talk and laugh. I miss that so much especially today.

I have been in tears since waking up today. My kids did not know it was my birthday and even if they did they never said Happy Birthday momma. That does not hurt as much as knowing that I will never have my mother sing Happy Birthday to me again. I will never get a 10 page text message from her. A letter in the mail. She is my Wonder Woman and I miss her more than ever.

If you are reading this take the time to call your mother and those in your life that you love call them, go hang out with them and most of tell them you love them. Tomorrow is not promised so go put your arms around them and tell them you love them because when they are gone you can’t tell them anymore. While my mother passed of cancer in 2017 I tell her picture and ashes that I love you momma every day. I look at the books and touch her handwritings, listen to Tina Turner cause she is her favorite singer doing these things makes me smile and feel closer to her, but it makes me miss her more than ever. So today on my birthday I sit in my office crying because I wish more than ever that I could get a call from my mother singing me happy birthday and calling me be the that nickname that I hated so much.

When you come from a single parent home the bond with your sole parent is unbreakable and when you loose that person it hurts you more than anything. I have never lost a child (Thank God), but I have to say this pain in my heart and soul just to hear her voice and to crawl and be in her arms just one more time.