The Past…Present…Future – With You

I want to start a novel of sorts about two people finding each other and following their hearts, but at times they let your current situation and even their past pain deter them from opening their hearts to anyone.

This is going to be my first and hopefully not my last attempt to write a BL story. I still need to come up the scene, characters, the plot, etc for the story. I am not sure that I want to put it on here or Wattpad. I am thinking of making about university students each in a different faculty (departments) who are in their freshman year and they encounter their Juniors/Seniors of each faculty and this is where the the stars of the story fall in love, but they do not let the other know until close to the end. What do you all think?

As you can tell from my recent posts I really watching romantic movies and dramas. While every BL drama has is own story and certainly its own drama. The scenes play beautifully when I am watching it. Each drama/ love story I get pulled into it and I am either smiling, encouraging the one character to make a move in his crush, or crying. I have to admit that dramas to me are a lot better than American dramas/soap operas. I have to say that I really like Thai BL’s and K-dramas for romance and comedy, but C-dramas are great for historical dramas.

What do you think of this as the title for my BL story? Should it be shorter or named something completely different? I really want your opinion.



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