How Watching BL Dramas Are Making Me Better

Let me just start by saying this is going to be long probably won’t make sense to most, but that’s ok. This is really for me to put my thoughts into words.

I have been watching BL dramas for sometime now and each new drama puts me on a different roller coaster of emotions. My emotions can range from anger/hate to love. I watched one last night that put me in my feeling. It took back to my days in high school and my first love. I have often prayed to meet him one time to explain about that day that changed my life forever. I won’t go into details here, but I have talked about that day and him on my other blog. In fact I actually cried myself to sleep because of the BL that I was watching.

I truly believe that BL dramas have taught me to be a better parent and to be more open with my kids. I was raised to have an opened mind and to see people for who they are not who I think they should be. Back to my first love we left things in a sad space and for me when that happens it lives with me forever. All that I truly wan to do is tell that person I am sorry and what they saw is not what was going on. Mainly, I just want to say I am sorry. I am sure that I will never get that chance so I will have to live this.

BL dramas are sweeter and better than any soap opera on television because they are more realistic dealing with teens and college age kids, bullies, being misunderstood by peers and family, etc. Please don’t get it twisted I am not here to sell you on watching BL dramas, I am strictly talking about experience and why I like them. I will tell you that I was actually introduced to BL dramas by someone on TikTok. Most of the ones I like are Thai BL dramas.

Currently I am watching Project 7 on YouTube. I can’t stand the 2 boys that bully the cute young transfer student just because he is soft spoken, shy and different. He has someone to stand up for him… until one day on soccer field. It does not help the staff are full of idiots.

Anyways, to the person dated when I was 17 if by God’s grace you see this and you remember the day at the Highland Mall bus stop. Leave me message here.

Until next time…Let me know if you watched Project 7 and if you liked it.



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