Time Travel

Last night after watching a episode of How Do You Play on Viki where Rain, Yoo Jae Suk and Hyo Lee where they recreated a Idol group form the 90’s called SSAK3. At the end of that show there were notes taped to the wall from their fans telling them they took them them back to a time where they (or their parents) were young, free and happy teens or young adults.

It me cry and think what if I could go back in time to 4 different era in my own life to speak to my loved ones that I miss and my 16 year old self. My voyage would begin in when I was elementary school in Tyler, TX. I would talk to my Uncle Sunny and let him know that while at at I did not understand death, I love him very much and that as I grew up I understand why he drank. I would tell him that he is always in my heart and my mind. Next, I would go back to when I was 16 years old. I would tell my younger self not worry because your going to grow up to be a great human being, and that you will learn about yourself and the kind of woman you will become with strong opinions an thoughts. I would tell her that your going very diverse in your thinking, music and food choices. I would let her know that she has 3 amazing kids and a great mother who works hard for them. My 3rd voyage would be to go talk to my Grandmother while she was Houston before she died. I would hug and kiss her and tell her just much she means to me. I would thank her for helping my mother raise my brother and I. I would tell her just how amazing she is to me and I love her. My final voyage would be the last 4 days I got o spend my mother and I take the night before to tell her everything on my heart and let her know that she does not have to worry about my kids, me or Dedric will be fine. I would tell her I love you momma and thank you for being the greatest mother I could ever have. Thank you for loving me enough to put up with me for when I was in teens and young adult. Thank you for everything she has ever done and that she is doing from Heaven now.

If time travel were real I would make several voyages to the past and just walk around in my own life not touching or changing anything, but thanking everyone sincerely from the depths of my soul that ever meant anything to me. I am not sure that having deep thoughts like that before bed is a good thing because I do not think I actually got any good sleep last night. I woke up remembering that I wanted to write this out. I am listening to SSAK3 on YouTube.

As I groove to the jam Linda by Hyo Lee I will end this by saying that reflection is a good thing and the more I do that and get these feelings out the better and document the here the better my mental health and life in general will be.

See you later!!! Go have yourself a blessed day and tell those around you love them because tomorrow is not promised.

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