Self talk with the Devil

Ever been in your room and just felt this presence or evil spirit that wasn’t there a moment ago? Well, I was getting ready for bed and its 0239 am here in the states. I was sitting on and my bed and (keep in mind its just me) and I could feel another person get in my bed. I kept looking back and no one is there and normally I would tell my Uncle Walter to stop playing jokes and move on with his heavenly day, but this is not his kid of joke,

I stood I blessed my bed in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and cast what ever demonic seed back to the pits hell. I called on Jehovah Jira and Jehovah Shalom because he is the Alpha and Omega and with His word all I need is a faith of a mustard seed. Tiniest seed on the planet, but it yields the biggest harvest.

I am always ready to fit the devil and his minions because I am always wearing my armor of truth. After all of this my bedroom was free and cleansed. I got into bed and wrote this out not so much as blog for you readers but a reminder to me to my mind stayed on Jesus as all times. That is the is the only way I am going to make it through this rush move and life in general.

Have a great summer!!! Be kind and so love to everone

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