Stop Asian Hate

Ever since the Corona Virus hit there has been a rise against the elderly Asian community. Mr. Pak Ho was walking in his neighborhood when he was brutally attacked and later died from his injuries. Recently, an Asian grandmother fought off and attacker with a sticker and her family has set up an Gofundme to pay for her medical bills.

Today, eight Asian women were murdered by one White gunman who said he had sex addiction and was having a really bad day. The Captain of the police department that talked to the press humanized the murderer and dehumanized the people he killed only in America! While he was taken off the case and will no longer talking to the press it just goes to show you just how much racism is taken seriously in this country. Asian Americans are hurting across this country and for good reason. Xiaojie “Emily” Tan is the owner of Young’s Message Spa, Delaina Yaun, Paul Andre Michels (Army Vet), Daoyou Feng, and Elcias Hernandez Ortiz (injured) and there are four Atlanta women murdered that I do not have their names at the time of writing this post. Since hearing about this mass murder this morning I have praying and asking God why? Why is the biggest virus in this country over several centuries old and its name is HATE. It is time for this bull shit to end! As a person of color I am tired of this and I never thought I would be raising children in a time where I would have to be talking to my kids about racism.

Now is the time to stand in prayer and solidarity with our AAPI brothers and sisters while they grieve their losses just as they have been there to help us grieve our losses. Asian Americans have been standing by us since the 1960’s if not before that time. We have stood together against racism and now is not the time to stop it is the time to ramp up the charge and fight the powers that be and kick hate dead square in the ass because it is not what we are going to do in the 2 and the 1!

We have come to far to keep going backward another 4 years and we can a hell a lot better than the orange and his racist rants and taunts against women and the disabled. We can no longer stand idly by let our people continued to be bullied, beat up, and murdered just because we are People of Color.