Sisterhood.. Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

When dealing with others (mainly women) we tend to run on emotions and in doing so that can lead to 1 or 2 things. One is being overly dramatic and not allowing you or your “sister” feel.  It is more about “Its my way or the highway girlfriend” type of mentality. Second, you just shrink away from it, walk away from the discussion (heated or not) and just let the cards fall they may.

When our egos (mixed with raw and pure emotions) you are not listening to yourself let alone the person your talking too. In that moment you can’t dial yourself back and let cooler heads prevail. I know that all too often this argument is not going anywhere productive and it can end friendships, break up families and civic organizations.  When your ego is bruised or plain old obliterated you really do not want deal with other person, but you have any kind of power at all you want to rule with an iron fist to get your way. How is that fair to the other person, yourself and your underlings? The honest answer it is not fair to anyone associated with you let alone fair to you the one arguing when you get shut down and cast out because the other person’s name, status, weight steps on you? What do you do or what should you do?

The only person that knows you better than you know yourself — is GOD. Since He is our creator, the author and finisher of our life story He is the only one able to guide us to the other side and while going through the storm (which may not be for you) you may lean, but you will never break. If before, during and after we seek Him then He is going to be there to help us, BUT we have to be still and know that He is God and he does not need our help.

Once you remove yourself and let calmer and cooler heads prevail then the path to forgiveness and for the sake of learning and moving on from the issue at hand is so much more peaceful and beneficial to all the parties involved.

So, to answer my earlier question YES I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER! So are you

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