When you look at yourself in the mirror are YOU really looking at you or is your mind showing you what it thinks you should see? Have you ever gotten clarity from looking into the mirror? I have, but then I have gained clarity when I zone out just sitting in my office. It is when I revert back to looking inside myself and find out why I have certain thoughts or feel a certain way.

While  clarity is something we should all seek to have in our lives — sometimes it is just a pure pain in the ass. I say that because once you have experienced this keen insight you have to act on it and if you do not act then it seems as if your life falls apart.  I find myself asking God where do I go LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER and for the past 3 years more or less I have been waiting on His answer. Then it dawned on me that sometimes God says “hold on, I have something great in store for you” its that waiting is the part that is hard for me and most people.

 When you are some place where you can’t grow, can’t relate or just plain ole hate having to wait on your blessing seems like something you should never ask your enemy to do, but you do it because you walk by faith and not by sight. You call blessings and miracles already done.

Most people do not know or do not believe that devil and his minions attack your mind because whatever enters your mind your body has to respond. The same goes with friendship and intimate relationships. So let me say this HEY FELLAS if you romance a woman’s mind guess what her heart, soul and body will eventually follow. My question is what do you do when you tell your dude this and they flat out ignore it? It would be different if they did not know what to do or what that means, but I do not think this is the issue here. 

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