Time Schedule

I have started to keep a timed schedule so that I can write for 15 minutes or more a day. I will tell you up front that I am not a person that is good with words or one to get really deep into my personal business, but I have read somewhere that your change your fear into control if you make a “DO IT” list instead of  a “Honey Do” or “Need To Do” list. When you make this kind of list with a time schedule. For me I have set aside daily at 1:30 pm to log on and write something about my life and how I am feeling.

Today, I am a bit late it doing this because I was doing my nails. I am not the kind of girl that just files, buffs and paints her nails. No ma’am I do my own acrylics. Therefore, I have to put on the nail tips, clip to the appropriate length, file and buff. After, all that I have to get my acetone polish remover, acrylic liquid, nail brush to apply all liquids. Then I have to apply acrylic liquid and acrylic nail powder on the tip. From this point it is crazy to just keep typing the same thing over and over  –I won’t do that.

Well, all that I have left to do is file, buff and paint once I get back from picking up my kids from school.  I will say that I know why you see nail techs wearing face masks lol this stuff stinks to high heaven for sure. The smell takes over the whole house. Thank goodness it does not last long.

Today, is fairly decent, however, I am having that kind of day where I hate my body and all I see is F.A.T and that fat girl from high school and college is resurfacing and I don’t know how to get rid of her. I want that slender, sexy woman that weighed 149lbs back. Uggg such is my life right now.

God is good..

      All the time God good

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