YouTube Feuds


I am all for people making their money. Get your paper honey, but when your a child and you are making videos cursing and threatening to kick some other YouTubers ass and that ends up taking an innocent bystanders lie you have crossed the line. This does not make your and OG it makes you a murderer. If you get online looking fool with shit color green hair talking about that is what he gets that reflects on you and your home training.

If you don’t have no morals then sit your ass down. Stop disrespecting this young man’s family and his unborn child. God is granting you a moment to get your life together and you and fucking it up right now! As a minority getting killed on the daily by cops and others and for you us to do it over a damm internet feud are you kidding me?

I am not going to lie I have my favorite YouTube channels that I like to watch such as Patrick Starrr and Got Damn Zo are two that I really like to watch. However, when you start talking about people like Eisha or Nyema I don’t know them nor watch them, but they are on Messy Monday often. What happened to fighting it out between you 2 not your bunch of hoodrats? Once you fought it was squashed and you move on. Instead you got kids talking about if I can’t put them in the ground…. What kind of shit is that? Think about this bonehead what if it was you that got capped? Would you feel the same way? What if it was a member of your family? Think dummy before your speak. Your consequences have reactions and trust me when God is ready to deal with you and all that dirt your doing I hope you are smart enough to confess your sin and give your life to Christ.

Kenny, had his whole life ahead of him. He was only 18 years old when his life was stolen because this stupid internet feud that he had nothing to do with. He was expecting his first child now he is his child angel watching from Heaven. The mother of his child has to go through this experience without Kenny. Kenny’s mother won’t get another birthday or holiday with her son. She won’t get another hug or kiss from her baby boy and when she wants to talk to him she has to go to a graveyard and talk to a tombstone.

Y’all punk ass kids do nothing on YouTube but run your mouth and cause trouble and give hell to others that do not deserve. Get ya life! Get a high school diploma and college degree! Do better! If this does not give you some perspective NOTHING will! You are not grown you think you are, but you are just babies and if you had to go to prison each of you would scared as shit!


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