Justice For All

They say that justice is for everyone no matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation..We all know that is a bunch of bull shit. If you are Black, Brown, undocumented, LGBTQ then your chances at getting a fair and impartial trial are slim to none.

When the top of the food chain is saying rape victims have no rights, but the rapist has parental rights something is wrong with his/their train of thought. If you can jail a child and rip them from their parents at the border something is wrong with you. If you think that it is just dandy to keep critical medication from those in your border jails then there is not humaness in you.

If you are standing by your man as he is ripping the rights of women and children away from us then you are just as evil and culpable as he is. You are no better than the rapist, the murderer, the man you married. When you yourself is not an American by birth, but by marriage you should think about having your rights ripped away from you. You have your husband’s ear and you are not doing anything, but stealing Forever First Lady’s speeches and staying silent on issues that matter makes you even more evil than your toupee wearing mate.

What kind of example are your setting for your son? It is ok to be a “grab’em by the pussy” type of man like your husband.  It is sad when you mute your thoughts just stay in the pocket of a man. Granted you got with a man that was already married to Marla Maples, so I guess this country of women shouldn’t expect anything from you. Being bought and paid for as a “kept woman” must be nice.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket because when you have racist, women hating, none caring being in places where they should not be there is no justice, fairness, equality for anyone. When you are only out for yourself and lying to the country no wonder others look down on this country.  When you want to be like Putin and other dictators you are killing the American spirit.  We as a country come to far for you to drag us back into the days of White men rule.  Just because you have 2 tokens in your administration does not mean anything. One over HUD that is not qualified to do this job and who knows what that lady does.

You are a disgrace to this nation, the women of this country, the children of this country, anyone that is different from you. I leave your ignorance, stupidity and your sexist attitude in God’s hands because He is the only one that handle you and put you in your place.  It is time as a nation to stand up and stand for this nation and make your wrongs right so that you can be shown your wrongs and put you in your place.

Justice for all with you in the White House is a joke that is not funny because its missing the punch line. You want to compare yourself with President Obama, but you don’t compare at all on ANY level. You first need a heart and soul and you have neither.

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