Today is my birthday and I can’t stop crying

My birthday has always been the best time of my life. My mom would call and sing me Happy Birthday (she can’t sing, but its cute) and we would talk and laugh. I miss that so much especially today.

I have been in tears since waking up today. My kids did not know it was my birthday and even if they did they never said Happy Birthday momma. That does not hurt as much as knowing that I will never have my mother sing Happy Birthday to me again. I will never get a 10 page text message from her. A letter in the mail. She is my Wonder Woman and I miss her more than ever.

If you are reading this take the time to call your mother and those in your life that you love call them, go hang out with them and most of tell them you love them. Tomorrow is not promised so go put your arms around them and tell them you love them because when they are gone you can’t tell them anymore. While my mother passed of cancer in 2017 I tell her picture and ashes that I love you momma every day. I look at the books and touch her handwritings, listen to Tina Turner cause she is her favorite singer doing these things makes me smile and feel closer to her, but it makes me miss her more than ever. So today on my birthday I sit in my office crying because I wish more than ever that I could get a call from my mother singing me happy birthday and calling me be the that nickname that I hated so much.

When you come from a single parent home the bond with your sole parent is unbreakable and when you loose that person it hurts you more than anything. I have never lost a child (Thank God), but I have to say this pain in my heart and soul just to hear her voice and to crawl and be in her arms just one more time.


2 thoughts on “Today is my birthday and I can’t stop crying

  1. I know it’s late, just got to your blog and this caught my heart. Hugs from this end. Everyday is a birthday, because it’s always a time to start a fresh.

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