I Am Not Skurred

He said “next time I won’t be so nice” LOL is that a threat? If so honey I am NOT SKURRED! You already know that I am grown ass woman and I do what I have to survive on the daily. I made the choice to be a stay at home mom so that no one else would be raising our kids. What do I get dumb ass threats from you just days from Mother’s Day.

You forget that we would not be in this position if you had honored our agreement once we you retired from the Army. But NO with out talking to me you moved us here where I can not get a job, I don’t know anyone, and I am isolated from everyone I know and love. You have the audacity to come at me once again side ways. I don’t know who you think you are, but let me introduce myself!

I am the daughter of single parent who is college educated and knows the ways of the streets. I am woman of faith who knows how to defend her kids and herself. I am born and bred Texan who is not afraid of a fight. I won’t start one, but I will finish it. I don’t argue with fools and simply refuse to let you steal my joy.

You seem to forget that all I need to live is the Love of God and my kids. For I know that God has my back so does my family and friends back home. It took me a while to realize that I am still the same woman I have always been even though I lost myself when I married you, because I wanted to make you happy and keep your love, but guess what boo… I love me (I may not like how  I look), but I am beautiful in my chaotic life. Everything I have had to endure in these 14 years has mad me stronger, wiser, toughened my outer shell and made my heart more able to endure everything this swamp and you throw at me.

So you see everything my mother tried to implore for me to learn during those 8 years she lived with us in GA I have finally learned. It is my sole desire to be just half the mother to my kids as she is to me. So let this to be a warning to you I know what a struggle it is to be a single mother, but I am more than capable to of doing it alone.

You harp about us being one mind and body, but since you have to real evidence that you know what that really means I leave that to be your homework. As it plays out like baseball 3 strikes and your OUT! Don’t lose everything because of your anger, ego, you ideals that only work in your head.

Only you can fix you..No, only you and Jesus can fix you for the better!

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