Temperature of Love

Have you ever watched a movie that made you think about your life in every aspect? Did you watch subtitles during that movie? I am currently watching a Korean drama called ‘Temperature of Love’ this movie is filled with twists and turns… ups and downs… you will laugh and you will cry.  Seriously, I am watching this movie thinking why do these dramas always draw me into them and make me think about what I want and what I don’t have.

There is a scene in the beginning where the main two characters are out and about she (Hyun Soo) goes to the ladies room and she came out and went sight seeing. Her boyfriend began to get worried and he took off to look for her and when she went back to where they were sitting and he (Chef Ohn) she got worried and realized that they love she felt for him 5 years ago has not gone from her heart. He feels the same way in fact when he was studying in France all he could talk about was this great love to his friend CEO Park.

To get to the point CEO Park and Chef Ohn are not only friends, business partners but they had no idea they were in love with the same woman. Until CEO Park went on a trip (the same trip) as Chef Ohn, Hyun Soo and two other friends and he spots the chef and Hyun Soo sitting by the river holding hands. CEO Park decides that his friendship is not worth anything and he decided to hurt his friend.  Let’s just say they are on more formal wave these days.

Let’s skip to where Hyun Soo mother needs brain surgery and the family can’t really afford it so CEO Park jumps in and gets the surgery scheduled. All the while the love birds are finding that they are not on the same page. She discovers that love is hard work and that in that love you can be with someone and still feel lonely, sad and a lone. Keep in mind being alone and lonely are 2 very different things and when you feel that way your in a loving relationship then something is wrong.  Even if it you there a wall up between you if you can talk it out then do so, if not then don’t do as I am staying because while you love in your heart it is not something you can no longer physically show. I am sure a lot of folks will say that staying for your kids is wrong, but if you grew up as I did then you would cut me some slack.

As I watch this not only do I get lost in their world, but  lost in mine as well. He has a dad that hit his mother while he was young and is now trying to make it up to him, but the chef won’t allow it. This girl grew up without a father and all I have ever wanted in this life was to know him and see him once even from a distance. But I have been robbed of that chance. For that reason I remain broken since that part of my heart has never been filled or made whole. I thought I could fill it with a husband, but I have long since realized that is not the answer. Therefore, I started this blog to try to find my way, but I am still lost in a land where love is perfect, happiness is like candy, joy is abundant.

Watching Kdramas makes me feel and I smile a lot when I watch them thinking why can’t my life and my husband  be like these men. Instead of one with PTSD and hard edges. You can love the person with, but not like them and that is where I am now.  I am trying hard, but to him I am hardly trying. Funny thing is tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary and this is the first time he brought it up first as if I would forget. I am used to  him not being here all the time and his absence changed me profoundly. 50 percent for the good and 50 percent for the bad. I am guessing he only sees the bad especially since he is only nice and sweet is when he wants sex. I have told him to romance my mind, but he does not have a clue what that means. I have only encountered two men who knew what that meant and they were both Korean lol. Before you ask no I have not met them in real life nor do I want too. But it is nice to meet someone that is on your level of thinking.

I know your thinking how does this tie into the KDrama? Hyun Soo is writing a television series called Good Soup did not call and it is about her love for the Chef. It will have a sad ending since she broke up with the Chef and returned his ring. While she may have walked away from him physically her heart and his heart remain tied together. CEO Park said in the drama “humans are better off alone.” Sometimes I agree with that statement especially if you are not on the same wave length as your partner. The chef and the tv writer are on the same path, but they are both mixed up in their own confused lives to let the other in completely. This could be the downfall for many couples, I hope it is not for this couple, but time can only tell.  Considering what CEO Park has lost in his friendship with Chef Ohn he can’t help but still love Hyun Soo.

Life is no 40 episode Korean drama where you love, you fight, you make up, break up and still end up happy. Instead you drink soju, beer, wine or in my case Jack Daniels and Coke smoke a lot of cigarettes and cry yourself to sleep.  Don’t feel bad for me or Hyun Soo and Chef Ohn life is hard and sometimes love just complicates it.

If you want to look at Korean Drama then go to your Google Play Store and download DramaFever. I believe its 7 days free then after that you can pick your plan for the month. I do believe you will enjoy them more than day time soap operas.

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