The Jaded Legal System and Us

A justice system which tolerates injustice is doomed to collapse. — Leonard Noisette, quoted in Reducing Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System (2000)

How are we as minorities suppose to operate within a system that is not meant to work for us? Over the last few years the news has been filled with reports of cops killing unarmed Black people. With this recent corruption in the White House racism and racist acts on the uprise, the alt-right coming out the dark into the light and doing deadly and creepy things to minorities.

There are creeps like Chuck C.Johnson a known White Supremacist and  Holocaust denier was on the same flight with Auntie Maxine Waters. Instead of just asking for a photo with Auntie Maxine he decides to be a super creeper and take a photo “with” Maxine and then gets on Twitter and stays “I am sitting next to a female congressman on a flight from DCA to LAX who just said that she hopes an accused sexual harassing congressman Ruben J. Kihuen sticks it out. She spoke with a Hispanic man who is seated to my left one row up. He said that Kihuen was going to go meet Harry Reid who still “runs the show”. I’ll post a selfie with Congresswoman Maxine Waters when I land.

So much for #Metoo.”  Who do you think responded to his creeper tweet? None other than Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman! Go figure right? Of course his racist arse on his dude’s twitter account and making comments like ““I guess the WE THE PEOPLE are paying for first class ticket so she can sleep on the plane,” he commented. He also referred to Waters as another fellow Black congresswoman writing, “Corrine Brown is trying to Flee her prison sentence.”  Every time I see George Zimmerman in the news I get mad. When exactly will his arse be locked up for life and put on pod where everyone knows he killed Trayvon? The answer to that is easy… NEVER! If the roles were reversed that brother would have been on lock down from day 1! Try to tell me differently and I will call you a liar.

Omar Navarro, Waters’ opponent for her House seat, commented on the creepy picture.  Navarro’s simple “LOL” comment has been deleted. But tell me why is Auntie Maxine’s opponent even looking a known White Supremacist? What do you think this going to do for his outcome in the polls? I believe it will just boost his ratings in the poll among the alt right, skinheads, Nazi’s and Nazi wanna be’s that actually vote.  If I were in this guys constituency I would let him know that just because you delete your “LOL” does not mean it’s gone forever and trust me it will come back to bite you in the arse later!

People it’s time for y’all to wake up and smell the coffee or in my case the tea LOL… History always repeats itself, but it how we as a people react to the new story that is actually the old story. We are a mighty people and a chosen people in God’s Kingdom.  As long as we know who we are and WHOSE we are.. Life and its hatred of us (even though they copy us and want to be us on the low key) we can still hold our heads up high, back straight and boldly sit at the counter and if there is chair at the table for us then we can bring our own RED chair to sit in!


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