Silent Hell

I live in a SILENT HELL that unless you walk in my shoes you really can’t understand my battle. I suffer from chronic migraines and the medicines do not work they only dull the pain and most days I want to put my head in a vise grip and just pop it off!

I have a neurologist and he only spends all of 5 minutes with me in his exam room. I spend more time in the waiting room actually than with him. He doesn’t listen, sometimes over talks me, then he only offers pills.  I have cycled through his pills 2 times and endured the 10th realm of hell when I had a spinal tap. That I will NEVER do again and the after affects (effects) are not worth it.

It has taken me 2 hours to write this because of my head is killing me and I just can’t focus and frankly typing in the dark and in dark glasses is not easy.  Plus watching my Korean dramas on low light forcing myself to focus on the words, because I can’t listen to the actors.

On a side note these Korean dramas make me feel more deeply than American soap opera that is for sure! Don’t ask me why lol…They just do