See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.

— Ray Bradbury


Here’s what I would bring my eye for adventure, appetite for new things, love for people and of course my three beautiful kids. I would also bring along my jewelry case of Chloe and Isabel merchandise and my Younique make up bag because I have to shine and have flawless face everywhere I go just in case I happen to meet my celebrity crush. You know Johnny  Depp, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Tamela Mann…but especially Johnny Depp (hint hint wink wink)

I want to see everything and experience everything. I recently met a guy that lives in Germany. But not Germany proper he lives in Kiel on the Baltic Coast. I had to Google this area this area of Germany because I am not familiar with it at all, but once I did I instantly fell in love! It is surrounded by water. He personally lives 300 meters from the water. He told me that the Baltic actually (the pictures confirms it) flows right through the city!!! It is very beautiful from what I can tell from the pictures and how he describes it. He even sent me a aerial shot from Google of his home. While the apartments or houses are very close together it is still beautiful and I would love to live there even it is just for short time.

Here’s what I would leave behind everything negative and that would hinder me enjoying my voyage. I want to travel in peace and have complete and utter joy on my trip. I don’t want anyone or thing take my peace of mind either. Those are 2 things I am not willing to give up on my travels therefore I will leave all negative energy, people, things,etc back here in the states and take off with a wing and prayer.

Now this is totally off topic but as we nearing the end of the month I am being challenged (I am hoping to win to custom purse, wallet and watch AND special Younique make up case) if I can sell 10 or more Flawless Four bundles… You can have flawless face in under 5 minutes who does not love that?


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