“I think the thing to do is to enjoy the ride while you’re on it..”

― Johnny Depp

First of all I have to admit that I have loved Johnny Depp since I saw him on 21 Jump Street!! There is nothing he can do wrong in my eyes on stage, screen or television. He is a superb actor who has a profound mind and way of thinking.

Times when I felt totally in the moment there really are too many to count. However, one that stands out at the moment is when my bestfriend and I went to San Antonio to celebrate her birthday and to have a girls weekend getaway! We were told about this “awesome” dance club that was a complete dud and there was some guy in there dancing like a mad man and terribly out of tune and he almost hit us due to his flying arms.

Then we went to eat had steak and eggs over drinks after the club. We talked to few guys in the Navy who bought us a round of Mexican Martini’s and the four of us laughed and joked for hours before we separated to go our own ways. After, eating we hit the river walk and then back to our room to sleep before hitting the road the next day back to reality.

She is my Thelma as I am her Louise… She is my ride or die for life… Does not matter how far apart we are in this life… if we spoke 15 minutes ago or have not spoke in 1 year or so we can have a great time and always pick up where we left off. FRIENDS BECOME FAMILY