The act of trying to find the way home is what convinces us we are lost. We’re not lost; we’re not alone; and we’ve never even left home.”

― Rumi


My true home is my mind because its where I store my memories of my childhood, of being a teen and young adult. It is where I go when I want to remember the good times in my life when I am feeling down and feel myself sliding down the rabbit hole.

I can remember growing up in Tyler, Tx and on Saturday mornings having my breakfast with my grandfather and watching westerns in his room till about 11 or 12 noon. Then we get dressed and head over to Mrs. Glass’s house have lunch afterward I would play with my dogs in her backyard for awhile. Then either I would go home for dinner or my grandfather and I would go to Mrs. Medlock’s house for dinner. After dinner I would play with her grandkids. Then either I spend the night at Mrs.Glass’s house or go home.

You see I grew up in a generational household. It was me, my older brother, my Uncle Sunny and my grandfather and my mother under one awesome roof. As you can see in previous paragraph I am grandfather’s girl. I never knew my “dad”; however; I was often told stories about him from my momma. According to her he was great guy and her best friend. They got together on one his OTR drives and hence I was conceived and nine months later on June 7th I was born, but he never knew because she never told him about me. There more to that story, but I will have to get into that later.

It is in my mind that I never have to leave “NEVERLAND” that is what I call my childhood. Don’t get me wrong it was not wine and roses my childhood. We were poor, but I never knew it. To me that old two story house was perfect and our cast iron swing that my grandfather built by hand was awesome. You could set your watch by the train that ran behind our house. The love that emanated in our house and our neighborhood was rich and vibrant. It was like no other and you can’t find it anywhere else in this country! For example our next door neighbor Mrs. Moon made the best cheese sandwiches and her  roses were stunning! She would always let me pick a few to give to my momma anytime I wanted.

I sit and recall all the times I sat on the 5 stair and read one of my mommas college textbooks or a one of my many books and just get lost in the story or plot. My grandfather would always say “my granddaughters job is to look pretty, compete in pageants, go to school, church, shop, and just be a little princess – she is not do chores!” So I didn’t that fell to my brother to do.. I was my grandfather shadow. Wherever, he went I went… If you saw Charlie you saw me! LOL

To this day I can lost in my mind and a great book and be completely happy!




“Like all explorers, we are drawn to discover what’s out there without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it.”

— Pema Chödrön

I’m so curious about living life a new country. I have always wanted to travel the world, experience different lands, cultures, foods, people and to see different religions up close and personal. That is hard to do when you are married to person that does not like to travel and loves to live in a small bubble. As a little girl I read books on France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, and Africa and thought wow would it be like to live there? What would the food taste like? What are the people like? I would read the National Geographic to look at the pictures of the Endogenous people of different tribes. Think wow they are just beautiful and how do they get those rings around their necks?

I would love to spend several months in Paris just living and experiencing the culture, art, language, history, food, music, just everything about it. Then move on to Germany to see and live it up as I travel all over. From there perhap Japan and then to Korea after that Africa. From there who knows. I would love to travel the world as a blogger just telling my story as world traveller. Just me, my laptop and camera with my kids on the road and or plane seeing the world. A new country every few weeks or months. Boy what a life!

Traveling around the world with 3 kids in tow I know would hard, because they would need a tutor to stay current with their education, but think of all they would learn in each country that they could never learn in an American classroom. All they sights they could see and the history lesson they could learn first hand. The languages they learn to speak that lead to them more employable in the future. With this kind of travel under their belts once they are on American soil again and in school they will be so far game in math, science, music, English, and history.

Life on the road ~ If only I had the courage and the money LOL I tell you that’s the life for me!