Here’s what I am noticing about being on the scenic route toward my dream:

I would not call the route that I am on to my dream the “scenic” at all; however; I would call it hell and hard. Do not get me wrong I love my journey as and Entrepreneur I have learned a lot new things about the world, myself, my faith and who I can rely on and I can not.

If it was not for my mom being a steady customer and few others that keep my businesses afloat then I would be flipping burgers or actually where I live I would not because there are no jobs here whatsoever. Trust me because I have applied therefore I know.  Small town living is not for big city girls that is for sure, but you make choices for your families.

I think I actually stopped believing the easy way or scenic routes in life… they are more like fairy tales. While I love Disney princesses the older I get I tend to lean toward the villains in the stories. Call me a hypocrite, but at least the villains know what life about and they are not afraid to go after what they want in life no matter the risk!

It’s like the Joker he was not insane or mad ~ he was looking for acceptance and love. When he found Harley Quinn he found his soulmate and all that he true love. His happy space and he would do anything for his Queen and she would do anything for her Puddin. That is how is in business you find your niche and you will do anything to reach your goals. Even in marriage you think outside the box keep the other happy (think Christian and Anna).

I enjoy and love the both the products of the companies that I am with and the fact that they uplift women around the world is a beautiful bonus. I don’t sell Chloe+Isabel and Younique because I love both glitz and glamour of these products.  I believe my companies, the products, the empowerment of women, the uplifting and education of women which is what  C+I and Younique  stands for.

PS I will be gone Saturday, bur I will return Sunday!! I am going camping pray for you me ya’ll lol!

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