I am beginning to

Release that as flawed as he is… he is trying and that is all that matters in the end. Now if could see that I am trying an to stop trying treating me like a child, throwing the “D” word out there every time there is a fight, telling me to pack up and move home because “he knows that is where I rather be.”

I would love it if he would he would live up the promises made years ago that we would never say or carelessly throw the “D word” out there. Let alone moving back home with the kids to raise alone (not that I couldn’t do it).

No matter what goes down between me and this man I still love him. I still believe that he was sent to me by God to be my husband, father to our kids, to grow old with, travel the world with, have grandkids with and that this is just set back is just setting us up for a MAJOR comeback!TRAUMATIZED LOVE