The idea of taking a journey is

Day 28

Is one of excitement and it is scary too. This 30 day journey of writing down the things that I love about Doc and with fervent prayer an hope wait on God to bring them and our marriage back to life.

He is a good provider for his family, he loves his kids, he is seeking help for his PTSD, rage and other faults, he kissed me yesterday for the first time in long while.

This journey is something that I would not have started If I had not read it about it or seen in the movie or book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. If you have not seen it or read the book then do yourself a huge favor go on Netflix or Youtube it OR go to audible and download all of her books and really listen to them or buy them. There is a golden nugget of information that is going to change your life and way of thinking in each of these book. For me the sections on “Gratitude” of the ones that love the most and are where I found this journey that I am taking right now.

It is enabling me to be in the moment and not that I don’t do this already where I get up and say “Thank you God” for waking me and kids, but to blog about it is way different because now you …. LOL yes YOU are my accountable partners.

Gratitude gets you outside yourself and gets you to focus on others. Being grateful makes you happy and makes you smile when you think of all things you are happy to have,because you guess what… If not for God you could be someone else with less than.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone 015



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