Unsure Of Me

Ever felt like you just know yourself then all of sudden BAM you are unsure of the world around you and your place in it.  I used to think that I talk  a person into thinking they needed whatever I had or was selling and now  I am reduced to practically begging. I am unsure of my parenting skills because my daughter is bold, brash,  unruly, at times disobedient. She has an attitude that mirrors her father’s (more of his than mine) and mine. It drives us both crazy and I think with parenting somewhere along the way I gained and lost some of my patience. Does that even make sense?



Day 29 of Gratitude

Today I am grateful that Doc has full time job that he loves and deals with a manager that he doesn’t like and has not killed yet. I so happy happy that he is seeking happy he is seeking help for his PTSD, and hopefully he seek help for his bipolar disorder soon. I can see that he trying to change his behavior, his cursing, his anger, his ways, being like his daddy. Do no get me wrong I love you Doc and I appreciate every move you make, every step your taking to change yourself. I thank you and I love you!

I hope and pray that one day you will see that and actually see my heart — see INTO my heart not with your natural eyes, but with God’s eyes… I pray that we can surpass this “hump” in our lives and that we one of those couples that will look back at this time and laugh as we sit out on the veranda drinking ice tea.GOOD WOMAN