Missed You

It has been some time since I have been on the bloggersphere and  I have missed you! Have you missed me? 😀 Not much has changed with the exception that I am in the last couple classes before I have my master’s degree in Education and then I have to  start studying for the Praxis exam to teach here in Louisiana. My prayer is to have a job secured in a nice school teaching pre – k – 3rd-grade teaching reading and writing.  I am still with Chloe and Isabel and recently our founder and CEO Chantel Waterbury was featured in People Magazine #MyAmericanDream I am so happy to be a part of a company that is started by a woman that has a vision and drive and wants only the best for everyone that works in this company.  It is not just a stepping stone, but a  career for some (but it can be a stepping stone to great things in the fashion industry if that is your choice) and with Ashton Kutcher as an investor how can you go wrong?

With Christmas only 40 days away why spend it at the mall?  Why fight the crowds? When you can stay home in your comfy pajamas and shop with me. Be stress-free and let me take care of everything for you even making the wrapping/boxing it up for you with a bow! Shipping? Don’t worry about it!  Don’t wait because this ends on Monday at 11:59 pm EST!! Browse and shop now yolandaferguson.chloeandisabel.com

BOGO 2       ME 2015.5

Pssst…. check our gift guide at http://lookbook.chloeandisabel.com/holiday-gift-guide-2015

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