The noise coming from your mouth is killing my head

The blackness clouding the eyes looks so nice I think I will walk toward it… its inviting and calling my name

Tears are endless and red like blood coming from eyes… my soul is ripped from my gut.. and heart is shattered into a zillion pieces… The smile is only a cover.. its fake so that the world thinks I am ok

You lecture me as if I were your child… you bring up what I did in the past… how do think this makes me feel? I don’t think you care anymore.

You wonder why I hide out in my office and seek solitude from you… Do you really need to ask anymore?

I pray.. I fast.. I cry out to the Father for the pain to end…I look at out kids and feel joy and never ending love… I used to feel that from you.. I pray to feel and get that from you again!


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