How do get close to someone when you hate the body your in?

It is 2015 and I have been researching tummy tucks and books jobs off and on for over a year now.  I look at  the after pictures and think that could be my body of day. Granted I had weight loss surgery about 3 years ago but I am NO WHERE where I want to be with body wise. While  I have not been diagnosed with  body dismorphia I believe I have it.  I can’t stand to look at myself naked and I don’t u dress in front of my husband.  He says I’m sexy and  beautiful, but I just don’t  see it. I see hanging skin, flabby  belly, flabby arms, fat thighs, multiple chins, etc.


This is how I want to feel, but doubt I will until I can fix myself and get to where I want be. Happiness until then is an illusion.