1. What 3 goals do I most want to accomplish in 2015?

Better my marriage, my life, my education
2. What part of my life do I want to pay more attention to in 2015?

My sex life
3. Which new activities, habits or behaviors do I want to start doing in 2015?

Getting more ink, writing more on my blog, stop smoking

4. What do I want to learn in 2015?

How to be a better a mother and teacher
5. What theme word or phrase best describes what I want to experience in 2015?

I don’t really know…But I hope to find out in 2015
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Another Year Comes To a Close and New Year Starts


1. What goal am I most proud of achieving this year?

I started school again and so far I have maintained a decent GPA. I started out with straight A’s and a 4.0 but I have gotten 2 B’s and now I have 3.98 more or less GPA. As a masters in Education student I find this horrid, but I guess that is the perfectionist or OCD student part of me talking.
2. What was the most valuable lesson I learned this year?

That migraines truly slow you down and if you allow them too they will take you out. They cause depression and hatred of self and others if you allow it take control of your life.
3. What was the best book, blog, song, movie and/or restaurant I discovered this year?

Books there are too many to list or name as I love to read. Blog I don’t really follow any and I am just now picking my blog back up. Movie I loved Frozen, I want to see Selma and I want to see Malcifcient with Angelina Jolie. The only restaurant that I will mention is the only that gave me food poisioning here Pineville, LA.
4. What was the best place – town, city, country – I visited this year?

Country -USA of course, Town/city/state –  Austin,TX always and forever. I used to live there and I miss it a great deal and wish we lived there now.
5. What was my favorite memory from 2014?

My twin boys started pre-k and my daughter is a cheerleader and in the first grade. Seeing my daughter cheer in a parade and at school. #ProudCheerMom

1. What goal did I make the least progress on this year?

Weight loss and liking the body I have now
2. What opportunities did I miss out on this year because of fear, doubt or procrastination?

None that I can think of
3. What mistakes did I make this year?

This is a fully loaded question… I am sure that I made alot and will continue to do so. Probably the one that sticks out is my marriage, there is not enough communication bc I avoid conflicts and raised voices. He does not understand what I mean when I talk about my grief, my dislike for me body, depression, etc.I dont really understand PTSD and all that he has seen during his deployments. I love him with all my heart and soul and we will with the grace of God last for all eternity.
4. What promises (to myself or others) did I break this year?

IDK that I broke any promises. I don’t make promises that I don’t plan to keep
5. What do I want to stop doing in 2015?

Stop having daily migraines
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