Self Expression vs Living a Christian Life


I have always loved tattoos and Harley motorcycles (though I have never been on one). I know the Bible says that I am not supposed to make up my body (I have 1 tattoo already) I am not supposed to cut my hair (which I have done way to many times) but I want another tattoo a cherry blossom with 2 butterflies with my son’s names under the wings of the butterflies. My daughter has a butterfly with her name between the wings on my upper back and I want this tattoo under that one. Noone can see them let alone know they are there but me and my husband. Speaking of my husband he is a minster and he hated that I the one for my daughter and I know that he would hate me getting another, but for me its self expression and art. Its not like I am going to get a full sleeve or do my face although I may get my tongue redone or a my belly button done once I LOSE all this FAT again! 

Oh did I mention my husband has a tattoo on his back that he got way before I knew him and before he was called to ministry. He hates his tattoo and says he wishes he never got it, but thats his opinion of his tattoo. Mine have meaning and love behind them and they are beautiful its not like its skull and bones or RIP tattoo or the devil tattoos. However, I do love sugar skulls and want one as a tat on my back as well.. The only other place that I would think of getting a tattoo is on my upper thigh again noone would see it and frankly I really don ‘t think anyone at our church would care.

Another dilemma that I have to face and it is making my head hurt therefore its time to medicate myself and call it a night. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on this lovelies…

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