Yesterday “baby daddy” comes in excited that he has a nice size pay check from his job being that he opened a separate account that only he has a card to I just said I am happy for you and left it at that. He comes back with “it seems like you dont want to talk” I told him plan and simply im happy YOU have a nice paycheck..I’m happy for YOU of course this is dripping with sarcasm and disgust.

Then his oldest son calls at 6 am saying he has car trouble and he goes to look at it and instead of texting me saying hey I am at my parents looking at T man’s car I got ZIP, ZERO NADA from him. I am thinking since he left at 6 am and its after 12 noon now he drove Tman to Marksville, but no he tells me I am my mom and dads cooling off cuz I am still trying to figure out what wrong with the car! Really and get freaking mad at me when I don’t text or call when I am gone for hours cuz your worried? No wonder I am losing my mind and puking up food growing more tired by the damm day! 

You moved us to this gawd awfully back water town to be near YOUR family and my family is 6 hours away. U complained that you don’t like big cities and yet you promised upon retiring we could live in Austin… yet you changed your mind and didnt bother discussing that with me!! Its no wonder I look at you with disgust and disdain these days… 

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