Body Art vs Biblical Principals




The top 2 pics are tattoos of cherry blossoms and something I have ALWAYS wanted to get and the butterfly is the one that I have on my back between my shoulder blades and the needles didn’t hurt and actually felt pretty damm awesome!!! Where as my bestie got a black cat on her leg and she was screaming bloody murder lol.

I have always identified with body art, but the church going girl that does believe in God knows that the Bible states not to mark up your body and cut your hair, but I have had my ears pierced, nose and tongue done, I have cut my hair more times that I can count lol and I feel as long as the tats are tasteful and reflect you or your love for something whats the harm? In my heart of hearts I think I am going to Heaven and that God loves me body art, depression, migraines and all!!

What do you all think? Share your body art pictures with me