Makings of Me

Makings of Me

I love this photo not because of what you see in the fire and words, but because of what it represents. It’s the beauty of the fire and knowing that the demons are NOT in hell and the devil is not some cartoon drawing of a red man with horns and spiked tail with a pitch fork. Look to your right and your left… look to the front of you and behind you… see the people around you? Those are the demons now look in the mirror there is a demon too. Regardless, what you think about what I am saying for me this is truth. I am not saying that I am the devil – I believe in God and have faith, but I am human and I am a sinner and I will die one, but the beauty of this picture is the love found in the fire and the love of the words.

To tolerate the demons for the sake of the angels – I have met a one or two and related to a few as well. i lost the ones I was related too, but I have yet to find anymore that walk the earth and I guess that it’s just how to sum up my life in a sad little nut shell as the movie states šŸ˜€

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